Martial Man Camp 2024

I just came back from two fantastic weeks at the end of January and the beginning of February, with internal martial arts training in the mountains outside Chiang Mai in Thailand. The spot was extremely well chosen for training – clean air, warm days and fresh nights. The number of participants was limited to 40 and we came from all over the world! Great people with great skills, working hard, learning and sharing. So many new Kung Fu friends! Besides the training program, we were offered very interesting excursions to the Elephant Sanctuary and famous Buddhist temples.

The event was masterfully organised by Kieren and Aumapon (Soda) Krygier. Many thanks to you! The very skilled masters I had the privilege to receive training from were Mark Rasmus (Elastic Force Chi Kung), Richard Huang (White Crane), Yap Boh Heung (5 Ancestors Fist), Howard Wang (Prana Dynamics). Also teaching was Nima King (Wing Chun), whose classes I unfortunately could not attend. Extra sessions were Chinese Bone Setting with Richard Huang and Medical Qi Gong with Master Dennis Wang.

All in all amazingly skilled teachers who were prepared to openly share. We were given the rare opportunity to gain insight into and to train the internal methods of different systems. It was both fun and challenging to step out of the comfort zone and to slowly start filling my own ”empty cup”. The overall takeaway for me was that there are different ways to internal power and that the old proverb “Same, same-but different” is again very valid. So much to digest and practise for the foreseeable future. The big opportunity for me seems to be to integrate new perspectives into the art of Tai Chi that I’m already doing. I definitely want to be able to share some in my own classes.

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